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Innovative use of technology to provide Lease Audit Tools, Resources, and Training for lease auditors, lease administrators and other tenant representatives involved in reviewing, analyzing, auditing, and making decisions concerning property operating costs allocable to leased premises.

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QLoop was founded by Andrew Chukwura, co-founder of RRG, the leading independent, international consulting and advisory firm specializing in the development and implementation of enterprise-wide commercial real estate lease audit and cost control strategies founded in 1996. Andrew has more than two decades of experience developing, designing, performing and managing lease audit processes, projects and campaigns for several Fortune 500 companies.

QLoop is short for “Qualified Loop” – a term coined by Andrew which describes the foundational basis for the rules that govern the key QLoop tool – the QLoop Cost Analyzer ™. “Qualified” represents Andrew’s belief that all key factors (lease, property, premises and environment) critical to analyzing operating costs allocable to a leased space (“premises”) can be qualified in ways that aid in predicting, identifying and resolving potential operating cost billing errors. “Loop” represents Andrew’s realization over the years that these factors are related via an infinite feedback loop which connects site research and selection of premises, through lease administration and audits, to site termination and the next site research and selection.

QLoop was borne from Andrew’s effort to answer the deluge of “how do I?” questions related to premises operating costs. In most cases, the inquiries were for leases, premises or properties which are not, and could not be, part of an enterprise or portfolio audit campaign due to relatively small size of the premises, property or small bandwidth of the organization. QLoop strives to answer many of these questions via self-help tools and resources using the Qualified Loop concept which has contributed to Andrew’s successes in the lease audit and consulting industry for many years.

QLoop is not a lease audit firm and, as such, QLoop team members do not perform or conduct lease audit services. Rather, QLoop provides the technological platform which aids users, auditors, tenants and administrators in addressing most of the lease audit concerns encountered during a lease audit process.


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