MyPremises® is a lease audit software tool designed to make lease auditing easy and accessible to tenants, lease administrators, and lease auditors. MyPremises is designed to increase the lease audit value of all leases in a tenant’s portfolio by making it easier to perform key lease audit functions.


Abstract and bench-marking analysis are the first steps to a successful lease audit. MyPremises offers to integrate the functional abstracts and bench-marking analysis with QLoop-designed calculators of key concepts in the commercial real estate lease audit industry. Tenants and lease audit firms can benefit immensely from the use of MyPremises to facilitate the lease audit process. A key lease auditing feature in MyPremises is lease audit guides.


Real estate departments of organizations require comparative data for bench-marking purpose. They want to compare their internal premises data with external market data. QLoop’s MyPremises offers an innovative way to use bench-marking data.


Organizations with multiple lease agreements require quick access to lease content at various life stages of the leases. The process of capturing summarized data from a lease agreement is called lease abstracting. Most lease abstracts capture summaries in ways which still require extensive manual review of the source data. QLoop’s MyPremises offers an innovative way of using abstracted data in the lease audit process.
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